Weekender Sailboat

I have been an avid sailor ever since I was a teenager.  I used to sail, teach and race Aqua Finn sailboats at BoyScout summer camp.  As I have grown up, so too has my love for sailing and I wanted to have my own boat.  After a great deal of research, I found that buying a boat was more expensive than I thought, so I decided to build my own boat.  The Weekender Sailboat by Stevenson Projects, was the most interesting boat plan I found.  This design required easy to find materials, very few tools and virtually no experience.  The size was what I was looking for and best of all I could do all the work from inside my garage.  This made the plan a winner for me and I took on the project in February 2012.  On the following pages is a history of the trials and tribulations of this project.  Spoiler Alert…this was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done, I am so proud of the outcome and I look forward to my sailing adventures even more!

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