Rub Rails

IMG_2758IMG_2759Port and Starboard Rub rails completed.



IMG_2765Installing the rub rails did require the help of an extra pair of hands.  The rails are made up of 1×2 trim that are 16′ long.  I first used the board itself as a guide to mark a line on top and bottom of the rail against the hull side.  Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of this process.

Next I routed off the top side of each rail with a 1/2″ bit and the bottom side with a 1/4 ” bit.  Then installing the lower rail first, I was able to drill pilot holes through the hull sides between the guide lines, then come back to glue and screw the rails into place.  I did this with the bottom rub rails only because there was not enough room on the inside to do the same on the top rails.  When installing the top rails I made sure to raise the rub rail a 1/2″ above the deck surface so I could then apply a length of 1/2″ round to the inside edge of the top rub rail with glue and ring nails.  This gives the top rub rail a nice round finish.