IMG_2714IMG_2713Cabin construction starts with stringers installed along the underside of the deck opening and the cabin wall is attached. Stringers are also attached to the inside of the cabin wall for placement of the cabin roof.

IMG_2715IMG_2716Rafters were previous cut, stained and varnished, along with custom bases, then all were installed.

IMG_2720IMG_2722The cabin roof installation was fun to glue and screw down. I started in the center and worked outward, sitting on the roof itself and would slide outward with every screw placement.

IMG_2721IMG_2718The plan warns that there will be a small shortage, and to adjust for this, you will need a small triangle of plywood as a filler.

IMG_2727View of the inside of the cabin walls and hull side. You can see all the stringers and the custom rafter bases. The stringers were all cut in curves out of scrap stock. This was much easier that trying to bend them into place.