Cockpit Seats

IMG_2776Installing the cockpit seats begins with stringers and the side walls of the seats.

IMG_2775IMG_2777Here is a head on shot of the side walls.  After setting these in place I decided there was too little foot room at the back of the boat so I decided to look for a different option.  After digging through the internet and checking out some of the builders blogs I found two different Weekenders “Molly” and “Spiritwind” that had great ideas for seating.  Sooo, I put my engineering and analytical skills to the test and build my seats with no guide other than these examples.  I did however keep notes and if anyone is interested, I will be glad to share them.

IMG_2821First I made a styrofoam cutout of what I wanted the seats to look like.  This included a side wall, back wall and top/seat.


IMG_2825Stringers are fabricated and placed into position.

IMG_2829IMG_2832Seat components are fabricated.

IMG_2833IMG_2831The seat box is attached to the stringers, then the seats placed on top.

IMG_2838IMG_2839The seat backs are installed. This was tricky at the forward end of the seat back because of a step off between the seat back stringer and the deck. Despite the difficulty, it turned out really cool!

IMG_2840IMG_2841Completed seats and seat backs. I originally designed this for extra leg and foot room, as well as room for a cooler, picnic basket or even other supplies.

IMG_3062IMG_3063Custom built removable bench seats.


IMG_3069IMG_3071Finished seats before staining.